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Dental Implants


To be able to smile with confidence, we need to feel good about the way we look when we see ourselves in the mirror. When we smile and laugh at people as they look at us, we need to feel and just know that we looking at our best as we exude and bubble with confidence.


Dental implants are the most advanced technological solutions to missing teeth. They are permanent fixtures and you are not required to remove them at night. Their robustness, durability and cosmetic beauty enable you to feel comfortable and happy due to its reputed excellence in success.


Being cylindrical and with a titanium constituent, these dental implants fuse with the bone locking the implant into place. The abutment and placing of the cosmetic porcelain crown allows for restoration of the dental implant.


To have a winning smile it is vital that we feel confident about the way our teeth look and feel. A healthy and beautiful smile lets us laugh, smile and radiate a confident personality. This is what we at Rawnaq Dental Clinics promote for our patients.



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