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About Us

About Us:


Rawnaq Dental Clinics is located in Al-Khobar city in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The center provides a comprehensive dental care on an outpatient basis. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to helping patients to achieve healthy and beautiful smile.


The team uses the most effective evidence-based, advanced treatment modalities available for treating all types of dental problems.




- Contribution in the Health Care.  lab


- Contribution in the human knowledge.


- Improving the Protective and Remedial Care in both; Scientific & Moral Fields.    


- Realizing The Principles of Human & Society Protection.




- To work according the original moral rules and to adopt them as a life system and positive thinking methods in order to achieve our vision.


- Improving our services in the way that provides the customer, the service provider and the society with success & satisfaction.    


- To work as per Islamic principles in order to realize best results by the lowest energy wasting.




To contribute in the scientific & remedial revival in the field of dental care in order to improve life & general health quality for maintain the human face that God (Glory be to Him) confers upon us






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