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Hollywood Smile


Have you ever stared in amazed wonder at the way actresses, models and movie stars on TV have projected themselves showing smiles of such perfection to the point of envy?

Did you ever wish that your teeth too, were as white as snow, straight and perfect? What you may not be aware of is that these dazzling beauties had specially talented cosmetic dentists to create their unique smiles. 


Your body image and morale may be affected by having crooked teeth


Dental Surgery

If you are in need of quality dental surgery, you have come to the right place



Smile is greatly affected by the shape, shade and length of your teeth.


Dental Implants

For a winning smile it is vital that we trsut the way our teeth look and feel



Continuous dental care is very important to your child’s overall health



Be sure to consult with one of our dentists to get best whitening treatment for you.


Rawnaq Dental Clinics provides technically advanced surgically-oriented and interdisciplinary outpatient care. The center serves patients with almost all types of dental problems. From whitening to oral and maxillofacial surgeries, we are providing a wide range of services by an expert team who are using most effective evidence-based, advanced treatment modalities available for treating all types of dental problems.

“A great difference in my life and look after getting consultation and treatment for my teeth in Rawnaq Clinic. Expert team helped me getting better rapidly.”

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